Whats in your cleaning supplies cupboard?

12 June 2012

Do you have the right supplies in your cleaning cupboard?

Wether it be home or work - there really is no need to stock huge amounts of cleaners in your store. Here we look at what you do need to keep your home or workplace clean and fresh. Using versatile cleaning products that will save you time and money.

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If you take all of the products out of your cleaning store and look at what is there, its a safe bet that you will find a handful of cleaners that all do the same job and a gap where products you actually do need are missing.

By establishing your cleaning needs and streamlining the products that you have, you will be able to improve on levels of cleanliness, achieve a consistant clean and reduce the number of products required.

Also by having the right cleaners to hand you will find it easier to maintain your home or workplace, being able to easily deal with any spills or soils straight away before the stain gets a chance to set or the dirt gets spread around.

So take all those bottles of cleaners and throw away the ones that are quite out of date, store the items that you know you will be using again and any items left consider throwing these out.  Also anything with no label or illegible labels where the product may have leaked, throw these out too.

Supplies list

Here are a few essential cleaning products that should be in your cleaning cupboard;

  1. Spray & Wipe - A great all round cleaner/sanitiser great for general surface wiping Kills MRSA
  2. Peachy Clean - A peach fragranced foaming bathroom cleaner/disinfectant
  3. Tutti Frutty Toilet Cleaner - fresh bactericidal toilet descaler
  4. Evaporate - A bactericidal spray cleaner for kitchens
  5. Concentrated Bactericidal Cleaner - A super concentrated cleaner/sanitiser great for kitchen floors and all washable surfaces - dilutes 1-200
  6. Citrus Cleaner Concentrate - an all purpose concentrated cleaner - great for problem jobs and even washing the car
  7. Furniture polish - With a calming lavender aroma
  8. Glass Cleaner - gleaming cleaning for mirrors and windows


  1. Microtex Cloth
  2. Yellow dusters
  3. Sponge scourers
  4. Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
  5. Standard Centre Feed
  6. Dust Pan & Brush Set
  7. Lobby Pan & Brush

By establishing these lists particularly in the workplace you will be able to maintain your cleaning supplies cupboard much more effectively - a great tip would be to keep a printout on the store door with details of all the products and what they are used for together with details of where the products can be purchased, that way should the housekeeper or janitor be off from work another staff member can easily step in and order the cleaning products as necessary.

If we can be of any assistance in helping you choose the right cleaning products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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