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Keeping a carpet clean isn't always easy. It only takes one spill and your nice, pristine carpet can be ruined or so you may think. Here at The Cleaning Shop, we have a huge range of carpet cleaning products that can get your carpet looking as good as new. Whether you have a particularly nasty stain at home that needs cleaning or you work as a professional cleaner and need a variety of products, we've got everything you need. We stock a variety of carpet cleaner, carpet shampoo and carpet stain remover products that are ideal for a getting those stubborn stains out of carpets and restoring them to their former glory.

We have available an array of cleaning products, from general carpet cleaner to more specialised products, such as coffee stain remover, odour neutraliser and spot remover kits, so you really can be covered for almost any eventuality. Whether you need carpet stain remover to get out the odd stain here and there, or need carpet shampoo to clean an entire carpet, we have a wide range to choose from.

We also stock various upholstery cleaner products, so you can ensure your sofas and chairs are looking first rate. If you run a business where people will be sat on sofas and chairs, then it's vital they look as good as possible. To keep them looking that way, we have quality upholstery cleaner products at prices that won't break the bank.

We are able to offer our own Cleaning Shop carpet cleaner together with our deodoriser which may be added to the cleaning solution or used independantly, both are very popular with our carpet cleaning customers.

In addition we stock the Prochem carpet cleaning products again very popular with the professional carpet cleaner who may be requiring specialist spot and stain remover and a wider selection of products to cater for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

So, for a better choice of cleaning products and janitorial supplies, look no further than The Cleaning Shop.

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    Specialists products cover a whole range of requirements for carpets, fabrics, floors and surface cleaning technologies and maintenance.  Formulations are developed in house to meet strict performance, safety, quality and environmental criteria.


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