Cleaning advice

Cleaning advice and tips on choosing the right product for the job

Over the years we have provided cleaning advice for many of our customers helping them to match the correct cleaning product to the cleaning task in hand.  In order to ensure the most suitable cleaner is used, at the correct dilution and via the best application.  Here are some of the most asked about cleaning tasks and problems.

How do I polish wooden floors?

This is a frequently asked question but if we follow a few simple guidelines there is no reason to experience problems when polishing flooring surfaces. Read more about cleaning and maintaining wooden floors

Whats the best way to clean mildew from bathroom tiles?

Cleaning mildew from bathroom tiles and grout can prove a pretty labour intensive task, everyday bathroom cleaner will maintain clean and hygienic conditions but may not be strong enough to remove a build up of mildew.  Usually a deep clean of the bathroom tiles is whats needed.  Read more on removing mildew from bathroom tiles

Whats the best way to clean & descale the toilet?

This might sound like an obvious one but with toilets and bathrooms being a hotspot for so many harmful germs and bacteria, studies are suggesting this as an area for concern in relation to cross contamination.  Read more on cleaning and descaling toilets 

What is the best way to clean the refrigerator?

Often an area that gets forgotten or neglected but refrigerators if not properley cleaned and sanitised can quickly become germ hotspots.  Read more on cleaning a refrigerator

How should windows be cleaned?

We all like to see clean and sparkly windows but how best should we go about cleaning them? Read more on how to clean a window

Where do I start with my kitchen clean?

Kitchens can become very germy environments so whats the best way to go about cleaning them and reducing the bug counts? Read more on  cleaning your kitchen

How do I keep my shower clean and fresh?

Showers are hotspots for germs and when it comes to cleaning, are often neglected.  Here we look at the best way to clean your shower.  Read more on cleaning your shower

Which cleaning products should be used to tackle urine contaminated carpets?

Urine in carpets causes unpleasant odours that often prove difficult to remove.  With the right cleaning supplies we can make the job easier. Read more on urine contaminated carpets

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