Cleaning a window

For most of us cleaning the windows isnt our favourite job particularly when they havent been done regularly and theres the whole house to do!

A good housekeeping tip is to clean the windows in a room maybe when you are dusting and polishing your surfaces, if you bring the task into another job you will find that, ultimately, you are spending less time cleaning your windows and the task itself will be much less labour intensive.

First of all remove any ornaments or nick nacks from the window cills, start at the top and spray your glass cleaner over the window.  Using a microtex cloth work in the spray and apply more spray to any splashes, dirty marks or mould...if its been a long time since they were tackled!

Once you are satisfied that you have removed all the soils and any condensation spots quickly take a second microtex cloth to buff the entire will need to be quick to avoid any streaking.

Take a few steps back and view the window from different angles looking for any spots you may have missed and buff again if necessary.

Whilst you are cleaning the windows now is a good time to wipe down the window frames which can often become moist attracting dust and moulds.  Use your glass cleaner or ideally a bactericidal cleaner like our Spray and Wipe to kill any germs and also protect your woodwork.


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