Cleaning products to deal with urine contamination to carpets

In order to remove urine contamination from carpets a specialist acidic detergent is required.  Most carpet cleaners are alkali based and although they are excellent at removing general traffic soils and protein they are not such an effective solution for urine contamination.

The science bit - Urine left to dry in a carpet will turn to uric crystals which can be difficult to fully remove, especially with general cleaners.  Once uric crystals have formed the urine contamination becomes alkali which means that the best way to remove them is with an acid based carpet cleaner.

We always recommend Prochems Fibre & Fabric Rinse - a mildly acidic detergent cleaner, it breaks down the uric crystals enabling the carpet extraction machine to successfully remove the contamination.

For areas badly effected the carpet will need to be generously wetted to allow the Fibre and Fabric to contact at the root of the pile.  Contact time is essential to allow the cleaning product to work - anything from 5 minutes to maybe one hour. (make sure your carpet is suitable for wet cleaning)

Using a carpet pile brush is a great way to work the cleaning product into the base of the pile.

The process may need to be repeated depending upon the degree of urine contamination.

Dilute this cleaner 1-50 parts water.  The ideal temperature is 65 degrees or as hot as the tap will allow.

A deodoriser such as Prochem's Odour Fresh may be mixed into the solution for best results.

Nursing homes in particular find benefit in keeping a stock or Prochem's Urine Neutraliser in their cleaning supplies cupboard.  This product if applied before the urine has dried, will prevent the carpet staining and stop the formulation of the uric crystals al the bottom of the pile.

It is great for night staff as they haven't time as a rule to get the carpet cleaning machine out and often leave this for the cleaning staff to attend to the next day, by which time a stain may be present and the cyrstals will be formed.  All the staff would need to do is place paper over the area and dab out the most of the liquid and then spray the Urine Neutraliser over the effected area.

The next day the carpet can be easily cleaned.


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