Cleaning the refrigerator

Wether you are needing to clean a refrigerator in your home or in a place of work, this is an area within the kitchen or food environment that should be maintained to the highest standard.  Neglecting the refrigerator can mean than within a relatively short period of time, large numbers of bacteria and moulds could be multiplying in an area where you store your food.

Most of the bacteria is pretty harmless, however, some like E. coli and salmonella, are a menace to the digestive system. These bugs may already be present in raw meat, poultry, fish, or eggs - they thrive on protein - or you may introduce them yourself if you forget to wash your hands before handling food. They will be happy to infest any kind of food as long as it's moist and warm enough and not too salty or acidic.

Bacteria can survive on kitchen surfaces and in the refrigerator for hours and spread to other foods that way, so we need to keep things clean.

Be especially careful to wash your hands and anything that comes in contact with raw meat or eggs. Also ensure that foods are stored safely in the refrigerator it is especially important to store raw meats below cooked meats.

Before the cleaning takes place the fridge needs to be emptied.  Then the appropriate food safe cleaner and sanitiser should be used to clean away grease, food debris and grime.

The cleaning product, we recommend is our Evaporate a ready to use bactericidal cleaner.  This cleaner should be sprayed on and left ideally for a few moments to work.  If the soil is considerable the proces should be repeated.  Keep in mind that in order to kill the germs the bactericidal cleaner needs to contact with the surfaces and this is why we must ensure that soilage is first wiped away.

Make sure that any removable shelves are taken out and thoroughly cleaned along with the bottom tray and side door storage areas which often collect ideal breading ground for bacteria. Using a spray liberally helps to get into all the tiny spaces and should enable you to kill more germs and achieve best results.

As with most cleaning tasks the more often the refrigerator is cleaned the better.  Regular cleaning will maintain improved sanitary conditions and control the growth of bacteria.  Also ensure that the temperature within the refrigerator is maintained at a constant level.

The exterior of the fridge is equally as important as its a major hand contact area, not only will is be touched by one or multiple hands on a regular basis but those hands will be likely to be preparing food and microscopic amounts of food will be deposited each time to door is opened and this will be providing bio nutrients for the germs to thrive on!

We recommend Evaporate again for the whole of the exterior including the seals which often gather dust and food debris.

The cleaning cloth that you are using needs to be clean itself otherwise we could end up bringing more germs into the refrigerator and not achieving the sanitising action that we are requiring.  Nowadays there are cleaning cloths impregnated with Triclosan which inhibits the growth of bacteria..Bio Fresh Cloths are the ideal wiper for this cleaning task and kitchens in general.


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