Cleaning the shower

Showers can become germy, grimey places without regular use of our cleaning supplies.  Water scale and soap scum build up and become unsightly environments for colonies of bacteria...not a pleasant place to get clean in!

To begin cleaning your shower first of all remove all the soaps, shampoos, conditioners, razors etc.  Place these somewhere our of childrens reach.  Take a look at any sponges, cloths and mits - if they look like they have seen better days it is best to just throw them out as they could be harbouring thousands of germs.  If they are in good condition then put them through the laundry on a hot wash or soak them in a solution of sanitiser, we recommend our Sanitiser Concentrate

Have your cleaning products ready including a good sponge, we recommend our Fastnet Sponge which is great for cleaning showers and bathrooms as the net which holds the sponge gently agitates and helps remove grime and dirt whilst holding onto your cleaning solution. A toothbrush will also come in handy.

Keep the shower door open and make sure the room is well ventilated.  If the shower is heavily soiled we recommend using a heavy duty cleaner such as our Orange Power Foaming Cleaner this product is an excellent cleaner and degreaser, the nature of its foaming action ensures increased contact time allowing the product to get to work on the grime.  Spray all over the shower area including the shower doors, fittings, tiles and base.  You may leave the cleaner to work for a few minutes and then take your sponge and agitate over all the surfaces. 

Once you have scrubbed all the surfaces to be cleaned simply take the shower head and rinse everywhere thoroughly.  Now take the toothbrush, or a small brush, and scrub under the bottom rim of the shower doors and the shower base rim which the door closes into, spray your Orange Power Foaming Cleaner and leave for the product to work.

After waiting maybe 5 minutes take your brush again and scrub away any mould or grime.  Finally rinse thoroughly.

Repeat if necessary.

If you are carrying out a general weekly clean then we would recommend you use a product like our Peachy Clean Washroom Cleaner  - this is a superb foaming bactericidal all purpose bathroom cleaner and leaves a lovely fresh peach aroma.

Remove the drain unit and remove any hair and debris attached, place in a bag.  Take the drain unit and soak in either bleach or scrub with Peachy Clean Washroom Cleaner.

Take a look at the grout inbetween the tiles, if it looks a bit discoloured then take your bleach and using a rag coat the grout. Thick bleach is best as it will cling for longer.  Allow contact time of maybe ten minutes, agitate with a hand brush and thoroughly rinse away.  Repeat if necessary.

Handy Tips For Easy Shower Cleaning

Remember to leave the shower door open after use - this will let the moisture out, a good thing as bacteria thrives in warm moist environments.

Rinse the shower down before you get out - this will remove most of the soap scum and debris.

If possible keep your spray cleaner and sponge in the shower so that you can give the tiles, door and general surfaces a quick spray and wipe down each time you use your shower.  By doing this you are keeping the germ count down.

Ideally wipe the shower unit/tiles down after use with a wash leather, maintaining dry conditions within the shower areas will help prevent mildew from appearing.

For advice and information regarding our cleaning supplies or our washroom cleaning products, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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