Cleaning the toilet

Cleaning our toilets should be a relatively simple cleaning job but research suggests that most of us simply arent cleaning our toilets and surrounding area properly. Here we take a look at where we are going wrong and how we should be doing our cleaning.

Studies have found that the highest concentration of harmful bacteria found in toilets and washrooms are located in and around moist areas.  These includes urinals, toilet seats, tap handles, the inside handle of an entrance door or in wash basin overflow areas.

It is therefore essential that we ensure our toilets are cleaned, descaled and disinfected when we clean our bathrooms,  thats the only way to reduce bacteria numbers and prevent cross contamination.

So here are some simple step by step tips to ensure our toilets are sparkling clean!

First of all flush the toilet.  Then apply your toilet cleaner, we recommend our own Concentrated Toilet Cleaner & Descaler.  You will need to scrub the toilet basin with your toilet brush paying particular attention to under the rim where so many of the harmful bacteria lurk. 

Before you do this take a look at your toilet brush...if its looking a bit on the worn side possibly with unsightly stains then its a good idea to replace it as most are harbouring colonies of bacteria and are a health hazard themselves.

Once you have scrubbed the toilet and removed those water stains that bacteria love its time to use your toilet cleaning fluid again and leave it to freshen and disinfect.

The toilet clean shouldnt stop here, we still need to clean the body of the toilet, the seat and cover, the toilet handle and for this you will need a regular bathroom cleaner and disinfectant to ensure that the surfaces are left in a sanitary condition.  We recommend our Peachy Clean Washroom Cleaner, it smells great and its foamy consistency clings to surfaces for increases contact time,  its also ideal to get into those awkward spots at the back of sinks etc.

Peachy Clean is just one of our bathroom cleaners, take a look at our other washroom cleaners,  we have lots of products to choose from with an assortment of pleasing fragrances to freshen your bathrooms.  Its worth mentioning here that most bathroom odours can be traced back to bacteria in the bathroom that when left to multiply can become quite smelly!

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