Cleaning wooden floors

First of all the flooring will need to be properly stripped to remove traces of polish previously applied.  You may find that if this first step is not carried out correctly a few weeks after the floor has been polished, white patches may appear, this is where the polish is beginning to come up.  A chemical reaction will have occured with the new polish not being compatible with the old polish.

This is why it is so important to take the time initially to be sure to carefully strip and clean the floor. 

Our Rinse Free Stripper is an excellent all round stripper and when used as recommended, neutralises the floor to the correct PH level to ensure an acceptable surface for the polish to adhere to.

Once the stripper has being applied a slurry will be created where all the dirt and old polish is removed, mop this away and then mop again using clean water.

Allow the area to dry.

Now we need to apply the floor polish.

Polishing and maintaining your wooden floor

We always recommend using a new mop to avoid cross contamination and please make sure that if you use a bucket it is perfectly clean.  We dont want to spoil the polish.

Apply a thin coat all over your flooring area and allow to dry.  If you can open windows this will speed up the drying process.

Do not walk on the floor untill dry.

Apply a second coat, again thin coats work best.  Some people like to apply a third coat but this is entirely your preference.

Our emulsion wet look polish as the name says, provides a shiny wet look finish, this can be further enhanced by the use of a buffing machine, if you have access to one.

The floors will need to be maintained

Now that your floors are looking their most beautiful best they will need to be properly maintained with the right cleaning product.  Many people make the mistake of using a regular multi surface cleaner to clean their polished floor. This often results in the lustre fading and becoming dull quite simply because the cleaning fluid they have used has cleaned the polish away. 

Polished floors are a specialist area and require a compatible floor maintainer to clean and maintain the polish. Our maintainer will clean the floor whilst filling in scratch marks and building up an enviable glossy finish.  The better you maintain your floors the glossier they will become with each treatment.

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