Cleaning Products for sparkly windows - and how not to clean them

21 March 2012

Spring is here and we have advice on cleaning your windows along with some funny pictures showing how not to clean them!

Now that the sun is shining again you may be horrified to see how dirty your windows have become. Window cleaning is often one of those cleaning tasks that we are always meaning to get around to but it doesnt need to be a long drawn out process at all.

Before we look at the best practice for cleaning your windows, here are a few pictures we thought you might enjoy.


Lady cleaning her outside windows

Brave lady cleans her windows

lady cleaning windows

Another fearless window cleaner

Man on hi-rise cleaning his windows

A man and his ladder!

Window cleaning in dubai

Daredevil window cleaning in Dubai

We loved these amazing pictures but hope you wont go to these lengths to clean your windows!

Window cleaning products and tips

Before you begin a cleaning job it always makes sense to get your supplies and equipment ready first.

You will need your window cleaner, we like our Glass & Window Cleaner its quick and easy to use and leaves no streaks behind.

We recommend  two cleaning cloths - one for wiping the cleaner on and the second for buffing up.

Begin by spraying the window with your cleaner and start at the bottom and work your way up to avoid runs. Work your cleaner in a circular motion paying attention to the corners.

If the windows are especially dirty you may wish to repeat this process to achieve perfectly clean and shiny windows.  Finish with your clean buffing cloth.

We always recommend a damp cloth for wiping down the inside and outside of frames - outside may benefit from some warm, soapy water - our Citrus Cleaner Concentrate will do a great job of removing any heavy soils safely and quickly.

Quick cleaning tips

  • Try and avoid cleaning windows requiring a ladder - leave it to the professionals!
  • Always use clean cloths
  • Keep a seperate cloth for buffing
  • Use a good quality cleaning product
  • Do a few windows at a time
  • Spray from the bottom up
  • Dont use too much cleaner
  • Remove your ornaments before you begin cleaning

For more information or cleaning advice regarding window cleaning or our cleaning supply products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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