Cleaning supplies to blitz kids outdoor toys

28 September 2011

Now autumn is here it's time to start cleaning up the kids outdoor toys and storing them away untill spring time.

After being exposed to the elements for a good few months kids toys can become really grubby and germy covered with mud, leaves, grease, food spills, bugs and insects and bird droppings.  It is important to store the toys away to prevent the harsh weather from causing them to perish - so before they are packed away we need to get our cleaning supplies out and give them a deep clean.

kids playhouse

Playhouses could be harbouring all kinds of bacteria and parasites

Keeping the toys clean throughout the year with regular use of your cleaners is imperative for our childrens health as their immune systems are not fully developed and their tendancy to touch and put items to their mouth leaves them further exposed to illnesses.

In particular bird droppings can be especially hazardous and need to be regularly cleaned off the outdoor toys.  Playhouses are a hot spot as the birds fly in and their droppings are then in areas that the children will easily reach and touch when they are playing there.

Bird droppings can carry many harmfull bacteria, viruses, funghi and parasites including e-coli, salmonella, campylobacter, listeriosis.  They are transmitted through inhalation and by ingestion - for example eating or putting dirty/contaminated hands in the mouth.

We recommend a bactericidal cleaner like our Concentrated Bactericidal Cleaner, this cleaning product is a great all round cleaner and also an excellent sanitiser - an ideal addition to your cleaning supplies cupboard.  Mix up a solution in a bowl or bucket of hot/warm water and using your sponge or cleaning cloth apply to the playhouse, slide, ride on toy, sandpit etc.  Allow a little contact time and agitate with a hand brush if necessary and then wash away with clean  water, repeat if there is still soilage left behing.

Make a point of drying off the toys before they go away in the shed or garage for the colder months, this will help stop any damp build up and help reduce the germ count.

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