Fragranced disinfectants to spring clean your bathroom

18 May 2011

Spring is here and its time to get your cleaning supplies out and freshen your bathroom

The weather is warming up nicely and its a great time to catch up with those cleaning jobs that we have been meaning to get around to in readiness for our summertime activities.

Its nice to have our homes looking their best especially when we open them up to our family and friends for summer parties and barbeques.  The bathroom is a place that is easily neglected but most in need of our cleaning supplies and attention to detail.

toilet cleaning

Like we always say, its easier to use our cleaning products and clean up when we are free from clutter and have a clear view of the surfaces we need to be cleaning.

Take your black bin bag and throw out any unwanted items such as old sponges, empty or unwanted toiletries, old tops from containers, lotions and potions that you most likely won't use again, old cosmetics, kids bath toys which have got grimey, bathroom window ornaments that are no longer in favour.

Tackle the bathroom cabinet and any other storage units and shelving at the same time.  Recycle any items where possible.

Once you are clutter free take a look around the bathroom, do you need to re-paint?  If so now is a good time to freshen your walls and ceiling together with any woodwork.

If no painting is required take your feather duster and remove any cobwebs and dust from the walls, ceilings and light/ fan fittings.  Take your cleaning cloth and wipe everything down with a solution of your cleaning supplies.

Remove your window dressing in order that you can thoroughly clean the window frame and glass with your cleaning supplies.  If you have nets or curtains put them through the laundry.  For blinds take a damp cloth and wipe down with your cleaning product.

Apply your toilet cleaner and allow time to work, we like our Tutti Frutti Toilet Cleaner.  Whilst the toilet cleaning supplies are getting to work you can move on to your next job.

From your cleaning supplies cupboard choose a cleaning product which will clean and disinfect your bath and/or shower.  We recommend our Peachy Clean Washroom Cleaner, its a fast acting foaming cleanser with a very pleasing peach aroma which lasts for hours, freshening your bathroom.

Simply spray on allow a little contact time for the cleaning product to work and then work in with your cleaning cloth or sponge.  We like Fast net sponges as they hold on to your cleaning product and gently agitate to aid the cleaning process.

Clean the bath and shower fittings with the same cleaning product and wash away with water.

Wipedown the window ledge, any tiled surfaces, bathroom cabinet, shelves, etc, using your cleaning supplies.  Always wipe over with a second dry cloth to avoid any unsightly streaks.

Use your cleaning supplies to spray your sink and surrounding areas.  Be sure to spray the cleaner into the overflow area where germs are often harboured.  Take an old toothbrush and scrub any stains around the base of the taps and also the plug hole area.

Move back to the toilet and begin by using your toilet brush to scrub the toilet cleaner in and remove any stains from the bason and under the rim.  Flush and take a good look, you may need to repeat the cleaning process with your cleaning supplies if there are any stains remaining.

Using your bath and sink cleaning supplies, spray the surrounding toilet area incliding the lid and seat (not forgetting underneath the seat) in order to thoroughly clean and disinfect the rest of your loo.

All that remains now is your floor, hard floors are by far the most hygienic for a bathroom.  Hoover or brush the floor and then take your mop bucket and make a solution up of cleaner and disinfectant, we recommend our Lime cleaner and disinfectant.  Mop over the floor using your mop to agitate where necessary.  Repeat the cleaning process if required and allow the floor to dry naturally.

Carpeted floors will need shampooing with an extraction carpet cleaning machine.  A detergent will remove any stains and freshen the carpet and a disinfectant will kill any bacteria present.

Now that your bathroom is nice and clean and pleasantly de-cluttered you may even like to treat yourself to a new colour scheme of towels and window ornaments and storage containers to add to your bathrooms best visual appearance.

For the best cleaning maintenance of your bathroom we recommend that you apply the "little & often" rule, applying your cleaning supplies on a daily or after use basis in respect of your bath and shower.   This a great way to keep your bathroom looking pristine and germ free, it will also help you avoid having to spend hours doing a deep clean.

Maintaining a store of your cleaning supplies upstairs often helps in this process but care should be take in the safe storage of your cleaning supplies in order for them to be kept out of childrens reach.

For any advice or tips on cleaning or our cleaning ranges, please do contact us.




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