Germy January Sales - Remember your hand sanitiser & cleaning products!

10 January 2012

The sales are on and the shopping centres are bustling - but are we picking up more than a few bargains?

Large concentrations of people will invariably equal large concentrations of germs and whilst we do not live in sterile environments - many of us would like to avoid catching a cold or the flu if we are able to.

Cleaning product supplies for germy shopping centres

Shopping going home with more than they bargained for.

The shopping centres are busy at this time of year with bargain hunters enjoying the many discounts available in the January sales.

We cannot avoid germs which are airbourne but we can avoid small spaces where we can see people coughing and sneezing, maybe just waiting for them to pass by or not getting into crowded lifts.

Within a shopping centre there can be a few germ hot spots - these are areas or surfaces which many people will be coming into contact with, we tend to call these points hand contact areas or germ transfer points! Lets consider a few;

  • Handrails on escalators
  • lift buttons
  • Lift handrails
  • Shop doors
  • Food area tables and chairs
  • Cash machine keypads
  • Chip and pin units

Whilst we may get a few strange looks if we were to take our cleaning products out with us - many people now consider it quite normal to keep a bottle of hand sanitiser in their handbags.

Using it now and then throughout the day will dramatically reduce the germs that you are collecting on your hands from other shoppers.

Cash machines and chin and pin machines were highlighted in a study as being the worst offenders in terms of being very germy transfer points and it would definitely be a good idea to use your hand sanitiser to clean your hands after using these.  We have an article about this study Germy cash machines - you may find it of interest!

Shopping centres and retail outlets should ensure that their cleaning staff are equipped with a good quality cleaner/disinfectant which is used on a regular basis to clean and disinfect doors, till areas, hand rails and all public areas.

Our Spray and Wipe is a great all round cleaner and is independently tested to kill germs and in particular MRSA making it an ideal cleaning product for the cleaning supplies cupboard - from an infection control perspective.

The flu Virus can survive on surfaces from a few minutes to several days dependant upon the conditions meaning that regular cleaning with the correct cleaning product is essential in reducing cross contamination.  That said flu and cold viruses are primarily spread when an infected person shakes hands with an uninfected person.

Regular hand washing and use of hand sanitiser will inhibit the spread of the virus also keeping our hands away from our eyes, nose and mouth will help stop a person from catching viruses.



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