Handbags need cleaning too

14 February 2011

Studies suggest our handbags need cleaning products

Handbags are a very important accessory for women, they are taken everywhere that the woman goes during the day. So naturally if that bag is put down in a germy environment then the germs will travel with the bag to the next destination.

Microbiologist, Dr Charles Gerba carries out research on bacteria and where it often lurks, he says that germs gather on the outside of a woman's bag, in particular on the bottom.

He reports to have found fecal bacteria on womens bags, such bacteria you would normally find on the floor of a restroom," he said. "We found bacteria that can cause skin infections on the bottom of purses. What's more amazing is the large numbers we find on the bottom of purses, which indicates that they can be picking up a lot of other germs like cold viruses or viruses that cause diarrhea."

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Using a hand-held germ meter, Dr Gerba demonstrated how much bacteria can grow on a woman's purse for ABC News, with results that ranged from scary to downright terrifying. Health experts worry when the meter reads over 200, which means thousands of bacteria are present.

He found thousands of germs on one woman's bag. She had only bought her bag a month previous. Dr Gerba's tests showed her bag carried thousands of germs.

Frighteningly another womans bag showed to have literally hundreds of thousands of germs on it.

A further woman had about half a million bacteria on the bottom of her larger bag.

All in all half of the bags tested positive for coliform bacteria, an indication of the possible presence of human or animal waste.

This gives cause for concern "because you can move germs that can cause illness from one location to another," he said. "You can later touch that purse and get them on your hands, or you could put your purse near a food preparation area and transfer germs to areas you may touch during food preparation."

Some women argued that they do not lick the bottom of their bags, so they should not be in danger of getting sick, but it is very easy to unknowingly transfer germs. For example, whatever touched the bottom of your purse touches you when you grab it. If you eat a sandwich soon after that, the germs go right into your mouth.

"The purses are really becoming subways for micro organisms," Dr Gerba said. "They're being transferred from one location to another. So it's just like germ 'public transportation.' I'm afraid to touch them. You know, I know too much. I'll never become a purse snatcher, believe me."!

So we need to start using our cleaning supplies to freshen up our handbags. All we really need to is introduce a regular wipe over using a good bactericidal cleaning product such as The Cleaning Shops Spray & Wipe. Also it's a good idea to think twice about where we place our bags, its always better to hand it say on a chair as opposed to putting it on a floor. Floors can be such germy environments especially in public areas or food environments.

Also if you visit a public toilet make sure you hang your bag on the back of the door, failing that if theres no hook place your bag round your neck. Try and clean your bag out regular as any food debris and crumbs will become a bio nutrient for germs to thrive on.

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