New anti-microbial spray to stop germs permanently

18 July 2011

The University of Georgia develop a new spray for garments to permanently stop the growth of germs

Dr Jason Locklin and his fellow scientists at the University formulated the treatment suitable for natural and synthetic fabrics and it does not wash away.

 Dr Locklin and his colleagues.

The product was designed as a solution for the healthcare sector where high levels of cross contamination can be traced back to uniforms, gowns, gloves, scrub suits and linens - all known breeding grounds for harmful microbes.

The spray on solution can be used on existing garments and does not have to be added during the manufacturing process.

Dr Jason Locklin and his colleagues write that the treatment is tested and proven to kill a wide range of dangerous pathogens, including staph, strep, E. coli, pseudomonas and acetinobacter.

The product does not need to be used repeatedly as a single application was proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria at washes of upto 37 degrees - indeed the solution was still effective after a number of hot wash cycles.
The spray when available is expected to be low cost and affordable to hospitals.


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