PhoneSoap Cleans Your Phone Whilst It Charges

01 May 2012

Mobile phones are notoriously germy things harbouring a frightening array of bacteria - the introduction of PhoneSoap is set to change all that!

Studies have long shown mobile phones to be a major hotspot where germs are concerned.  The regular contact that we have with our phones and the way we place our phones on various surfaces throughout the day means that our phones are picking up all types of germs - factor in the warmth generated by the phone itself and you have the perfect habitat for colonies of bacteria.


Researchers found all kinds of organisms on the phones ranging from common cold and flu viruses to E-Coli and MRSA,  on average phones were found to be eighteen times germier than a toilet handle. Though perphaps most concerning of all the findings was the presence of fecal matter on one in six phones tested.

This may be attributed to the toilet handle enjoying the regular benefit of bactericidal cleaners - How many of us think to clean and disinfect our phone? Well it seems there is now an answer to our problem.

PhoneSoap have just released details of their new phone charger which uses UV-C light to sanitises the handset at the same time as you charge it or if you prefur you can just pop your phone into the handy sized unit to sanitise only as and when you want to.

This great new product should be available in August 2012 and we predict it will be flying off the shelves.

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