Swine Flu and infection control cleaning

26 January 2011

pig with face mask demonstrating swine flu

Swine Flu is still about so how can we use our cleaning to reduce the risk of contracting it at home or in the workplace

Cleaning maintenance and Swine Flu

Swine Flu is still about and according to government figures is on the rise in comparison with the number of confirmed cases from last year.  This has had a great impact on businesses in relation to staff being absent due to sickness.  Proper use of appropriate  supplies can assist greatly in the fight against the virus being passed on by touching surfaces harbouring the virus.

Companies are looking at their cleaning guidelines along with the cleaning supplies that they are using to ensure their due diligence as responsible employers.

Hand contact areas are widely accepted as being the most important areas that we must consider when assessing our cleaning schedules and the cleaners that we are using to clean in the workplace at home or in the care sector.  Proper use of hand sanitisers and surface cleaning products can dramatically reduce the incidences of the virus being passed on from one person to another.

Swine flu is no longer classified as a pandemic but the H1N1 swine flu virus continues to circulate as part of seasonal flu. It has recently been reported that the pandemic flu vaccine may be used in situations where the seasonal flu vaccine is unavailable.

The Cleaning Shop advises using a selection of independantly tested cleaners including hand sanitising gels on a regular basis to reduce the incidences of the virus being passed on via hand carriage.  Employers should ensure that they are placing sanitising gels in prominent positions such as entrance areas, reception areas, desktops, washrooms and public areas.


Cleaning products should be used as directed on a regular basis for the cleaning of floors and surfaces, particular attention should be paid to higher traffic areas ie.  where the most people are passing through.  Good quality cleaning supplies should be used to mop or clean down surfaces, we can recommend Violet Concentrated Cleaner, Spray & Wipe or any of our disinfectant cleaners.

Violet-Ready-To-Use-1ltr.jpg Spray-Wipe-1ltr

Violet Ready To Use Spray & Wipe

For more cleaning advice on cleaning goods to combat Swine Flu or infection control in general, please do contact us. Alternatively take a look at our Swine Flu advice page.

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