Time to get the cleaners out and spring clean your bedroom

10 May 2011

Clean and freshen your bedroom with our cleaning supplies

Bedrooms are our sanctuaries, offering a restful nights sleep in readiness for the daily stresses that lie ahead.  We spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms so it makes sense for them to be relaxing, charming and comfortable environments.  When they start to become cluttered, chaotic, and dusty, inevitably we start to enjoy our time in them less and less.

Lime green bedroom

Take a look around your room and start the de-cluttering process, you will need a black bin bag for things to be thrown out.  Remove any unwanted magazines, mail, brochures, snack wappers, old toiletries, dirty mugs, old carrier bags, etc.  Place in the relevant recycling box, be sure to shred any correspondence with your name and address on.

Are there any items that you no longer want? If so maybe you can take them to a charity shop or even think about a car boot sale!

Put items back in their places, clothes to be laundered in the laundry basket and aim to clear the surfaces and floor spaces.  Its much easier to clean up and use your cleaning supplies if you can see where your working.

Now you have cleared away your clutter its time to change the bed covers, putting on clean sheets, duvet cover and pillow cases.  Whilst doing this its a great idea to hoover your mattress and flip it over (do this every month and turn it end to end also).

Use your feather duster to dust around the ceiling removing any cobwebs and any dust that has built up.

Next its the curtains do they need washing?  If so take them down along with any nets and put them through the laundry.  If you have blinds give them a wipe over with a damp cleaning cloth.  Now you will need your cleaning supplies and in particular your glass cleaner.

Spray the glass cleaning product over your window starting at the top and work in with a cleaning cloth, with your second cleaning cloth buff over the glass to ensure a streak free shiny finish.

While you have your glass cleaning supplies out you might as well tackle your mirrors.  Just like the windows, spray on your cleaning product and use your cleaning cloth to clean the mirror, take your second cleaning cloth to buff the mirror to a shiny streak free finish.

Now is a good time to clean the other surfaces in your bedroom, from your cleaning supplies you can choose either a furniture polish or a light cleaner and sanitiser such as our Spray & Wipe spray cleaner, an essential cleaning product for any cleaning supplies cupboard.

Spray and wipe may be used to wipe over cupboards, doors, skirting boards, light fittings, picture rails, window frames and any washable surfaces.  By using this cleaning product you will be cleaning and sanitising at the same time, removing germs that may be lurking, particularly on your hand contact areas, ie. door handles, light switches, remote controls, etc.

Once you are satisfied that you have dusted and cleaned all your surfaces its time to get your hoover out again and give your carpet a good vacuum.  Be sure to go over each area five times in order to get the most dirt and dust out of the carpet pile.  Dont forget to move your bed and vacuum underneath.  Use your hand tool to clean around the edges of the room.

Carpets should be professionally cleaned at leist once a year to remove dirt, dust mites, pollen, pet hair, bacteria etc.  The cleaner used should clean and sanitise your carpet.

Open your windows and let in some fresh air.

A usefull tip for cleaning your home is "little and often"  by keeping things in their place and tidying up after ourselves each day we can keep on top of our household cleaning tasks.  Using our cleaning supplies regularly and doing daily cleaning tasks means that we dont have to cleaning for hours at a time.

Maintaining an upstairs cleaning supplies cupboard can encourage us to do a bit of "little & often" cleaning as the cleaning products are to hand and we dont have to go downstairs for supplies, get distracted and not carry out the quick cleaning task.

For more information on relevant cleaning supplies or advice on cleaning, please do nt hesitate to contact us.



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