Evaporate 1 x 5ltr

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Evaporate kills 99.999% of bacteria and is tested to BS EN 1276;1997 by the British Analytical Board.  An alcohol based quick drying poduct.  The alcohol base ensures that any chemical residue evaporates away leaving the surfaces ready for safe use.  Spray on wipe off bactericidal cleaner for the food industry.  Ideal for regular use on all hard surfaces to maintain clean and hygienic conditions.  May be used on all water resistant surfaces including glass, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, rubber and tiled surfaces.

  • Kills MRSA - independant laboratory tested
  • Disinfectant - passes BS EN 1276
  • Food safe - non tainting
  • Biodegradable

£8.75 (ex VAT)

£10.50 (inc VAT)

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