Washroom Cleaners

A great choice of concentrates or ready to use cleaners for the washroom.

These cleaning supplies are designed to clean and or disinfect the washroom area including - floors, sinks, showers, toilets, cubicles, general surfaces and fittings. The ready to use are great to ensure a consitant clean with a quality pre diluted cleaning product. The concentrates allow the user to dilute the product theirselves according to the cleaning job in hand and achieve excellent economy in use costs.


We also have some great cleaner/disinfectants tested for their effectiveness against MRSA by the British Analytical Board.  These products are not only ideal for the care sector and leisure industry but for all environments where high levels of hygiene and cleanliness are important.


Here are some useful tips and advice for cleaning the bathroom -  Keeping the shower clean  -   Cleaning & descaling the toilet  -   Cleaning mildew from bathroom tiles



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