Cleaning mildew from bathroom tiles

So we have already established that the mildew can't be easily removed by your everday cleaning product.  You will need to carry out more of a deep clean to remove the mildew from the tiles.

We usually recommend one of our toilet and washroom cleaners, Concentrated Toilet Cleaner & Descaler  , this product is a little stronger than the daily multi surface cleaners and if applied neat, being a thickened product, will cling to the tiles allowing a greater contact time.

Once the cleaner has had time to work agitate with a scrubbing brush and wash away.

Alternatively some people would rather use a bleach, again a thickened product works better as it will cling to the surface for longer.  Apply to the tiles and grout that you are wanting to clean,  make sure you open a window to ventilate the room. Allow some time for the product to work then agitate using a brush  or scourer.

Where necessary repeat the process.

Once you have brought your tiles and grout back to a clean and sparkling finish it's probably a good idea to carry out this clean a little more regular, that way it becomes just a quick clean for you and not a drawn out proces that you may feel with a busy life,  you just dont have the time for.

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