Blitz the kids rooms with mild cleaners

31 August 2011

Kids rooms not only get messy but they are pretty germy too!

Tackling the kids bedrooms can be a daunting task with toys out of their place and puzzle parts deposited all around the room, but the state of mess is not the only thing to be concerned about.

Clean baby..clean!

Kids rooms can be havens for bacteria, the toy box harbouring many germs and serving as a transfer point when other children play.  Toys are handled and put into mouths then put back in the box again.  Kids love to explore and touch things having a tendancy to put items in their mouths meaning that they are likely to pick more bugs up than grown ups.

Regular hand washing is so important for children as they are four times more likely to catch colds and flu viruses due to their hand mouth behaviour and under developed immune system.  Ensure that they are properly washing their hands with soap and water for twenty seconds (or the time it takes to sing happy birthday twice).

They should be washing their hands before they begin to play with toys  or upon entering a play centre/friends play area, before and after eating, before and after going to the loo and whenever else appropriate.

Encouraging good hand hygiene practice will improve the overall health of the family and stand your child in good stead for the future.

Often children will take food and drinks to their bedrooms which aren't just a pleasing snack for them but also the germs lurking.

Letting children help you with cleaning chores is a great way to keep them occupied as you clean and also working as a team can help get the job done quicker.  Being involved with cleaning their bedroom will help educate and encourage them to keep their rooms tidy.

Depending upon your childs age you can give them cleaning jobs that they will enjoy and be capable of carrying out, for example, a three year old might like to have a feather duster and dust the skirting boards while a five year old might want to dust the bedside tables and cupboards - choose the cleaning tasks that the child will be able to easily complete.

Small children should not to handling cleaning supplies and they should be kept out of reach.

The best cleaning supplies to use are mild bactericidal cleaning products.  A bactericide will kill germs whilst the cleaning agent removes grime and dirt safely from all surfaces - for this purpose we recommend our Spray & Wipe.  This is an ideal cleaner for any cleaning supplies cupboard and is tested by the British Analytical Board for its ability to kill bacteria.

Toys can be wiped over with it together with doors, door handles, bedside tables (for solid wood our Furniture Polish would be more suitable) window sills, radiators, en-suites etc.  Stuffed cuddly toys can be put into the wash and those played with regular should be washed weekly.

Change the bed covers on a weekly basis, germs that cause colds and flu's are found on sheeting.  Also dirty dusty bedding will encourage dust mites and dust allergies for your children.

The bedroom and the bed in particular are no place for the pet dog or cat and all the germs that they carry on their paws and body so keep them out of kids bedrooms and play areas.

Cluttered rooms are difficult to keep clean, things get piled in corners and floor space gets taken up with things that should be put back in their place - by encouraging kids to tidy their rooms either before tea or bedtime the tidiness of the room will be easily maintained whilst instilling pride and a sense of achievement in the child.

Floors will be easier to vacuum or mop, surfaces will be visable and easily wiped over with your cleaning product.

For more advice or information on cleaning supplies please do not hesitate to contact us, we shall be happy to assist you.


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