Kids bath toys need acquainting with cleaning agents

21 February 2011

Studies find our childrens bath toys swarming with harmful germs

Childrens bath toys

Most bathrooms with young children will have a collection of rubber ducks and bath toys to play with and squirt water at bath times.  These fun little toys are according to reports, secret hangouts for germs.


According to this report we could be bathing our children in germs.

Leading microbiologist Dr Philip Tierno says "Its Filth" but people dont see it just cute little toys surrounded by bubbles.  A leading household germs expert he says, when kids take a bath, the water and toys can become infested with bacteria from their bodies.  Cleaning supplies should be used to combat the growth of these harmful bacteria but it seems these toys are being forgotten when we clean our bath.

"Bath water literally becomes a bacterial soup. The toys are the depository of these organisms and they can live and grow within that toy," says Tierno.

So what's growing?  Tierno's lab tested some favourite bath toys mums assumed were clean.

In nearly every toy, Tierno found sky-high counts of fecal bacteria like e. coli and strep.  The worst were toys with holes that trap water inside and let germs thrive.  When Tierno cut them open, they looked like sewer pipes, caked with black chunks of bacteria, flith kids could be ingesting.

Some toys tested positive for staph aureus, a bacteria known to cause skin infections.

Bath water is not the only culprit.  Even flushing the toilet from up to 20 feet away may contaminate the toys.

Tierno says, "Each flush may aerosally distribute or disperse fecal contents of the flush into or onto the toys."

Tierno says to cut down on germs, thoroughly air dry your toys away from any moisture and store them in a closed bin or closet.  And most of all, avoid toys with holes.

Experts say bath toys need to be cleaned and disinfected at each bath time then dried off properly.  And if you see any black stuff, just throw the toy out. Our Spray & Wipe or Violet Ready to Use Cleaner are both suitable for spray on cleaning and may also be used to clean the rest of the bathroom.

Alternatively if you wish to soak the toys in a solution of bactericidal cleaning product our Lemon Deodoriser & Disinfectant is an independantly tested bactericidal product as is Violet Concentrate, both are versatile bactericidal cleaners which can be used in many applications around the home.

Be sure to use your bactericidal bathroom cleaning product after each bath to ensure the bath not only looks clean free from soap scum and body oils but is sanitised too.  Remember that germs enjoy damp and wet conditions and after cleaning use a clean cloth or small towel to wipe down the bath, tiles, handles and fittings.

While you have your cleaning supplies out its always a good idea to give your sink and toilet a quick spray.  Regular use of your bactericidal products will keep your bug count down and maintain your bathrooms best visual appearance.

For further advice or information regarding infection control and our range of cleaners please enjoy browsing our site or contact The Cleaning Shop.

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