Housekeepers Favourites 6 x 1ltr

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Cleaning supplies 6 spray bottles of household cleaner

Not used us before?  Why not try out our Housekeepers Favourites and get a feel for our products.  We have chosen three of our most popular spray cleaners and included two of each.  These  will provide you with the ability to clean and sanitise a wide range of areas.

Peachy Clean Washroom Cleaner - Foaming cleaner and disinfectant for all the washroom

Violet Ready To Use - Fragranced multi surface cleaner and disinfectant - kills MRSA

Orange Power Foaming Cleaner - Concentrated formula, removes heavy soiling easily and safely.  Suitable for use on all washable surfaces

£14.89 (ex VAT)

£17.87 (inc VAT)

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